Could we have a new group magnum-ui-core and include magnum-core as a subgroup, 
like the heat-coe-tempalte-core group.


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [magnum][horizon] Making a dashboard for Magnum - need 
a vote from the core team

Hey folks,

I think it is critical for self-service needs that we have a Horizon dashboard 
to represent Magnum.  I know the entire Magnum team has no experience in UI 
development, but I have found atleast one volunteer Bradley Jones to tackle the 

I am looking for more volunteers to tackle this high impact effort to bring 
Containers to OpenStack either in the existing Magnum core team or as new 
contributors.   If your interested, please chime in on this thread.

As far as "how to get patches approved", there are two models we can go with.

Option #1:
We add these UI folks to the magnum-core team and trust them not to +2/+A 
Magnum infrastructure code.  This also preserves us as one team with one 

Option #2:
We make a new core team magnum-ui-core.  This presents special problems if the 
UI contributor team isn't large enough to get reviews in.  I suspect Option #2 
will be difficult to execute.

Cores, please vote on Option #1, or Option #2, and Adrian can make a decision 
based upon the results.


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