> I see that ahc is storing its information in swift. That's clever, but if
> Ironic provided a blob store for each node, would that be better?

I can try to answer that. The initial implementation was doing that
but, AHC collect a fine-grained amount of data, e.g:

* it runs benchmark on all disks using different IO size. Read being
default but you can also test writing (disabled by default because
it's destructive)

* It tests memory performance with different blocks sizes (1K, 4K, 1M,
16M, 128M, 1G, 2G, ...)

* It stress test each physical CPU (and all at once)

So a machine with many disks, many CPUs and a lot of memory can
generate a really big amount of data. For that reason storing the blob
in Swift and just link the ID in Ironic is preferable.


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