FWIW, I liked what you were proposing in the other thread. In thinking
about the deployment flow in the Tuskar-UI, I think it would enable
exposing and setting the nested stack parameters easily (you choose
various resources as displayed in a widget, click a reload/refresh
button, and new parameters are exposed).

I agree, I was thinking something similar too. There's a step to pick the larger decisions (implementations of resource types) and then a refresh that will ask Heat to recalculate the full set of parameters.

What might also be neat is if something like heatclient then had
support to automatically generate stub yaml environment files based on
the output of the template-validate. So it could spit out a yaml file
that had a parameter_defaults: section with all the expected
parameters and their default values, that way the user could then just
edit that stub to complete the required inputs.

This is similar to what Tuskar API was looking to do. I think it'd be awesome to see Heat support it natively.

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