Agree. The motivation of pulling templates out of Magnum tree is hoping these 
templates can be leveraged by a larger community and get more feedback. 
However, it is unlikely to be the case in practise, because different people 
has their own version of templates for addressing different use cases. It is 
proven to be hard to consolidate different templates even if these templates 
share a large amount of duplicated code (recall that we have to copy-and-paste 
the original template to add support for Ironic and CoreOS). So, +1 for 
stopping usage of heat-coe-templates.

Best regards,

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Hello team,

I've been doing work in Magnum recently to align our templates with the 
"upstream" templates from larsks/heat-kubernetes[1]. I've also been porting 
these changes to the stackforge/heat-coe-templates[2] repo.

I'm currently not convinced that maintaining a separate repo for Magnum 
templates (stackforge/heat-coe-templates) is beneficial for Magnum or the 

Firstly it is very difficult to draw a line on what should be allowed into the 
heat-coe-templates. We are currently taking out changes[3] that introduced 
"useful" autoscaling capabilities in the templates but that didn't fit the 
Magnum plan. If we are going to treat the heat-coe-templates in that way then 
this extra repo will not allow organic development of new and old container 
engine templates that are not tied into Magnum.
Another recent change[4] in development is smart autoscaling of bays which 
introduces parameters that don't make a lot of sense outside of Magnum.

There are also difficult interdependency problems between the templates and the 
Magnum project such as the parameter fields. If a required parameter is added 
into the template the Magnum code must be also updated in the same commit to 
avoid functional test failures. This can be avoided using "Depends-On: 
feature of gerrit, but it is an additional overhead and will require some CI 

Additionally we would have to version the templates, which I assume would be 
necessary to allow for packaging. This brings with it is own problems.

As far as I am aware there are no other people using the heat-coe-templates 
beyond the Magnum team, if we want independent growth of this repo it will need 
to be adopted by other people rather than Magnum commiters.

I don't see the heat templates as a dependency of Magnum, I see them as a truly 
fundamental part of Magnum which is going to be very difficult to cut out and 
make reusable without compromising Magnum's development process.

I would propose to delete/deprecate the usage of heat-coe-templates and 
continue with the usage of the templates in the Magnum repo. How does the team 
feel about that?

If we do continue with the large effort required to try and pull out the 
templates as a dependency then we will need increase the visibility of repo and 
greatly increase the reviews/commits on the repo. We also have a fairly 
significant backlog of work to align the heat-coe-templates with the templates 
in heat-coe-templates.



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