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Thanks. This is very helpful.

A little more questions about how to config:

1.  What should be set in [keystone_authtoken] in sahara.conf ?
       As code at 
       Looks like admin_user & admin_password & admin_tenant_name" must be set, 
and the proxy_domin must be created by the admin_user.
       But after a clean devstack installation, my sahara.conf only has:
                 signing_dir = /var/cache/sahara
                 cafile = /opt/stack/data/ca-bundle.pem
                 auth_uri =
                 project_domain_id = default
                 project_name = service
                 user_domain_id = default
                 password = 123456
                 username = sahara
                 auth_url =
                 auth_plugin = password

       I'm really confused, these configurations all looks very similar.

that's a good question, i'm not sure what devstack does by default when creating sahara's configuration. i notice that in my local configuration file i do have values for admin_user, admin_password, and admin_tenant_name, but these were not generated by devstack. i wonder if we have an error or perhaps there are default values for these?

as for the proxy domain options, use_domain_for_proxy_users and proxy_user_domain_name, these must be added by the administrator (you) for devstack, and they must be in the DEFAULT section. in devstack you could set these parameters by adjusting your local.conf to contain something like:


of course, changing "sahara_proxy" to the name of the proxy domain you have created for use.

2. More other configurations must be set ?
     Such as:
                use_identity_api_v3= True

i think using v3 is a good idea with this feature. i haven't tested it in v2, but i probably should and make some notes to the documentation accordingly. thanks!


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