> Our initial solution [1] was to simply disable instance queries in the
> IronicHostManager, as they were never needed, and were painful to
> execute. But subsequent discussion on IRC brought up some potential
> (although not very likely) use cases where this might not be true. One
> example was if there were two computes each talking to one of two
> ironic installations, one might use the SameHostFilter to ensure that
> a new ironic instance was placed in the same ironic environment as
> another instance. While this seemed possible, the idea of querying
> hundreds or thousands of instances to see if the target was in that
> group seemed like overkill. I suggested that if this were ever
> something that someone needed, creating a new filter would be a better
> way forward than trying to retrofit the virt design onto ironic.

Right, so my first suggestion would be to add a configuration option
where one could toggle to enable or disable the new scheduler filters
(defaulting to disabled). But if Nova doesn't want to add a new
configuration option unless it's absolutely necessary I think we could
just disable it for now (just like the patch is proposing right now)
and open a bug about it so we can keep track of the problem. And if we
figure out that this problem is affecting someone out there we can
then fix it by whether adding the configuration option or creating a
new filter or ... We can talk about the proper fix as part of that


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