hey all,

the recent discussions[1] on updating resources through the rest api has got me thinking that it might be worthwhile to convert the few methods we have implemented to use PATCH instead of PUT.

we are starting to create a bifurcation in the api regarding updates. the new suspend/resume job functionality is using PATCH and the object updating is proposing using PUT. i agree with Andrey's thinking that we have been using PUT as if it were a PATCH, but i think we should just fix this inaccuracy before we go further.

i'm ok with leaving the scaling operation as a PUT for now as it uses slightly different logic in the body. but i think we should fix the node group template, cluster template, job binary, and data source update methods to be PATCH instead of PUT. is there any objection to me creating reviews to fix this inaccuracy?

i'm guessing the extent of the work would be in sahara and saharaclient. should i propose a bug for this or a spec?


[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/208378/

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