Excerpts from 王华's message of 2015-08-14 00:52:43 -0700:
> Hi all,
> Magnum creates a stack when a bay is created and update the stack
> parameters when the bay is updated. Magnum has a periodic task
> to synchronize stack status from heat.
> And now we want to synchronize  stack parameters from heat, too. But heat
> don't allow admin user to show stack in other tenants, so we can not get
> stack parameters.
> I think it is necessary. Nova allows admin user to show instance in other
> tenants. Neutron allow admin user to show port in other tenants. Nova uses
> it to synchronize network info for instance from neutron. So can heat allow
> admin user to show stack in other tenants?

This seems like a problem for trusts to solve. Why are you not using
trusts to fetch the stack _as the user_?

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