HI Rick,

Let's keep this on the list so that others can benefit or chip in ideas.
If you cannot subscribe to the list, ask the folks on freenode irc in 

You should set in zuul.conf the [merger] zuul_url to your local zuul's url. [1]
zuul_url=http://<your_ip_or fqdn>/p/

Please use export GIT_BASE=https://git.openstack.org. This will reduce the load 
on OpenStack's gerrit server and point you to a more stable GIT farm that can 
better handle the CI load. This will help your CI's success rate (by avoiding 
timeouts and intermittent errors) and reduce your ci test setup time.


[1] http://docs.openstack.org/infra/zuul/zuul.html#merger

From: Rick Chen [mailto:rick.c...@prophetstor.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 8:53 PM
To: Asselin, Ramy <ramy.asse...@hp.com>
Subject: RE: [openstack-dev] [cinder] [third-party] ProphetStor CI account

Hi Ramy:
        Can you provide detail information how to solve it?
        Yes, I use zuul. My zuul.conf use default zuul_url value.
        I thought I use build shell script to pull this patch. I had add 
"export GIT_BASE=https://review.openstack.org/p"; in the build shell script.
        Does it wrong?

From: Asselin, Ramy [mailto:ramy.asse...@hp.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 11:12 PM
To: Rick Chen <rick.c...@prophetstor.com<mailto:rick.c...@prophetstor.com>>
Subject: RE: [openstack-dev] [cinder] [third-party] ProphetStor CI account

Hi Rick,

Thank you for adding this: "Triggered by: https://review.openstack.org/203895 
patchset 3"
Where do you pull down this patch in the log files?
Normally it gets pulled down during the setup-workspace script, but here you're 
referencing openstack's servers which is not correct. [1]
Are you using zuul? If so, your zuul url should be there.
If not, there should be some other place in your scripts that pull down the 



From: Rick Chen [mailto:rick.c...@prophetstor.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 6:27 AM
To: Asselin, Ramy
Subject: RE: [openstack-dev] [cinder] [third-party] ProphetStor CI account

HI Ramy:

        Sorry, I did not make sure the mail sent, because I did not receive my 
mail from "openstack dev mail list group". So I direct send mail to your 
private mail account.

        Thank you for your guidance. I followed your suggestion.

        Please reference below link:


        my gerrit account:          prophetstor-ci

              gerrit account email:        

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Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 10:10 PM

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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [cinder] [third-party] ProphetStor CI account

Hi Rick,

Huge improvement. Log server is looking great! Thanks!

Next question is what (cinder) patch set is that job running?

It seems to be cinder master [1].

Is that intended? That's fine to validate general functionality, but eventually 
it needs to run the actual cinder patch set under test.

It's helpful to include a link to the patch that invoked the job at the top of 
the console.log file, e.g. [2].




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