So I've been working on OpenStack deployments for 4 years now and so far
RDO Manager is the second installer -after SpinalStack [1]- I'm working on.

SpinalStack already had interested features [2] that allowed us to
upgrade our customer platforms almost every months, with full testing
and automation.

Now, we have RDO Manager, I would be happy to share my little experience
on the topic and help to make it possible in the next cycle.

For that, I created an etherpad [3], which is not too long and focused
on basic topics for now. This is technical and focused on Infrastructure
upgrade automation.

Feel free to continue discussion on this thread or directly in the etherpad.

[1] http://spinalstack.enovance.com
[2] http://spinalstack.enovance.com/en/latest/dev/upgrade.html
[3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-manager-upgrades
Emilien Macchi

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