hey Saharans,

with Doc fix day fast approaching i wanted to send out an email with the etherpad again,


it has been updated with all the docs and we are ready to roll starting on monday aug 31.


On 08/24/2015 09:41 AM, Ethan Gafford wrote:
Hello all,

Bugfix days for Liberty's Sahara release have begun! Please sign up for bug 
fixes at:

Ethan Gafford
Senior Software Engineer
OpenStack Sahara
Red Hat, Inc.

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Hi folks,

on todays IRC meeting [0] we've agreed to have:

1) Bug triage day on Aug 17
We're looking for the volunteer to coordinate it ;) If someone wants to do it, 
please, reply to this email.

2) Bug fix day on Aug 24
Ethan (egafford) volunteered to coordinate it.

3) Doc update day on Aug 31
Mike (elmiko) volunteered to coordinate it.

Coordinators, please, add some initial notes to the ether pads and ensure that 
folks will be using them to sync efforts. For communication let's use 
#openstack-sahara IRC channel as always.



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