[2] is the best option to upload the image.

Yes, the install_master.sh script manually runs puppet to apply your dev 
changes to nodepool.yaml and vars.sh to your production configuration (e.g. 


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Uploading images to nodepool.

Hi Folks,

I am following Ramy's new guide for setting up the CI. Till now I have 
installed master and created the slave node image using [1]. Now I want to 
upload the image to nodepool, so can I use [2] to do so, or is there any other 
way also to do so.

  *   Also is there any other changes that need to be done, in vars.sh [3] and 
nodepool.yaml [4]?
  *   And do I need to reinstall the master after setting up the changes in 
nodepool.yaml and vars.sh?

Please enlighten me with your ideas folks.

[2] nodepool image-upload all <image-name>

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