TL/DR: Do you have an opinion on language style? Of course you do! Come
weigh in on javascript style rules!,n,z
(List will continually update as we add more patches)

The original introduction of the eslint-config-openstack project was to
create a javascript equivalent to 'hacking'. When created, we disabled many
of the default rules, because we didn't want to overwhelm horizon with new
rules while they were still in the middle of their JSCS cleanup.

Well, now their build finally passes, and their eslint job has the vote.
Also, in the meantime, eslint-config-openstack has been adopted by merlin,
ironic-webclient, and refstack, and is likely to be adopted by more pure
javascript projects in the future.

It's time to revisit all the rules that we deactivated, and discuss which
of them make sense for OpenStack. We'll release these in small batches, so
that each project won't be overwhelmed by them.

If you need to come up for air from the pre-feature-freeze crazyness, come
on and offer your two cents on some language style rules!

We are not responsible for broken builds. The only reason this would be a
problem is if you used fuzzy dependency versions, and you shouldn't be
using those in the first place :P
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