Hi all,

I would like to announce my candidacy for the PTL position of Magnum.

I involved in Magnum project starting from December 2014. At that time, 
Magnum's code base is much smaller than right now. Since then, I worked with a 
diverse set of team members to land features, discuss the roadmap, fix the 
gate, do pre-release test, fix the documentation, etc.. Thanks to our team 
efforts, in the past a few months, I saw important features were landed one 
after another, which I really proud of.

To address the question why I am a good candidate for Magnum, here are the key 
* I contributed a lot to Magnum's code base and feature set.
* I am familiar with every aspects of the project, and understand both the big 
picture and technical details.
* I will have time and resources to take the PTL responsibility, mostly because 
I am a full time allocated to this project.
* I love container.
* I care the project.
Here is more details of my involvement in the project:

In my opinion, Magnum needs to focus on the following in the next cycle:
* Production ready: Work on everything that are possible to make it happen.
* Baremetal: Complete and optimize our Ironic integration to enable running 
containers on baremetal.
* Container network: deliver a network solution that is high performance and 
* UI: Integrate with Horizon to give users a friendly interface to use Magnum.
* Pluggable COE: A pluggable design is a key feature for users to customize 
Magnum, which is always the case.
* Grow community: Attract more contributors to contribute to Magnum.

If elected, I will strictly follow the principal of being a OpenStack project, 
especially the four opens. The direction of the project will be 
community-driven as always.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to serve as Magnum's PTL in the next 

Best regards,

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