I've already discussed the topic on IRC with Emilien, however, it came
back within Mirantis, and as I don't have puppet skills, I was not able
to answer my colleagues correctly. Opening this thread is an attempt to
solve the issue once and for all. Hopefully, Emilien (and other puppet
guys) will be able to help.

Puppet currently takes decision based on the type of OS. For example,
"am I running under Debian?" will lead to install "nova-consoleproxy"
instead of nova-novncproxy or nova-spicehtml5proxy. However, when
rebuilding the Debian package, rebuilt and install over on Trusty, the
code path shouldn't depend on the operating system, but on the package type.

As MOS is becoming closer to the Debian packages (Mirantis is slowly
taking the path of contributing to Debian first, before integrating
packages into MOS), and as we would like to contribute in the upstream
puppet project as much as possible (as opposed to maintaining patches on
top), I'd like to know what's the best way to address this issue.

We also may need, at some point, to add the type mosdebian and moscentos
to the list of supported package suite, as there still will be some
differences between the upstream Debian or CentOS packages. What is the
best way to add this variable values?

Could you Puppet experts explain to me and my Mirantis colleagues again?

Sorry that I didn't take notes about it and couldn't explain,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: Where may I find the best tutorial to get up-to-speed about puppet,
so that I know what I'm talking about next time?

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