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Excerpts from Joshua Harlow's message of 2015-10-10 17:43:40 -0700:
I'm curious is there any more detail about #1 below anywhere online?

Does cassandra use some features of the JVM that the openJDK version
doesn't support? Something else?
This about sums it up:

     // There is essentially no QA done on OpenJDK builds, and
     // clusters running OpenJDK have seen many heap and load issues.
     logger.warn("OpenJDK is not recommended. Please upgrade to the newest Oracle 
Java release");


This is one of the reasons I'm generally negative about Java solutions
(Cassandra or Zookeeper): the free software JVM is still not on par with
the non-free one, so we indirectly force our users to use a non-free
dependency. I've been there before often enough to hear "did you
reproduce that bug under the {Sun,Oracle} JVM" quite a few times.

I'd be happy to 'fight' (and even fix) for any issues found with zookeeper + openjdk if needed, that twitter posting hopefully ended up in a bug being filed at and hopefully things getting fixed...

When the Java solution is the only solution for a problem space that
might still be a good trade-off (compared to reinventing the wheel for
example), but to share state or distribute locks, there are some pretty
good other options out there that don't suffer from the same fundamental

IMHO it's the only 'mature' solution so far; but of course maturity is a relative thing (look at the project age, version number of zookeeper vs etcd, consul for a general idea around this); in general I'd really like the TC and the foundation to help make the right decision here, because this kind of choice affects the long-term future (and health) of openstack as a whole (or I believe it does).


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