Most people are probably already aware of this but given we have two changes that now rely on each other to land things are a bit complicated for tracking, so I figured I'd dump the info here.

We have to bugs introduced with dependent library releases:

1. oslo.messaging 2.6.0:

There is already an exclusion for that in g-r on master and cherry-picked to stable/liberty:,n,z

There is a nova change which has the same block and depends on a grenade change, but that was failing due to...

2. webob 1.5.0:

We have a patch to fix the actual nova code bug for that:

But it won't pass tests because of the oslo.messaging change, so we have co-dependent failures.


So in order to avoid squashing those changes (which is kind of messy, especially when doing the backports to stable/liberty and kilo for the webob one), we've got a multi-part fix.

1. Block oslo.messaging 2.6.0 and webob 1.5.0 in a single nova change:

2. That depends on a g-r cap on webob<1.5.0:

3. Once the nova change 233772 and the webob fix lands, we can unpin webob in g-r again.


I think this requires backports to stable/liberty which probably means a liberty-rc3 for nova.



Matt Riedemann

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