> Let's have a quick poll, which would you prefer and why:
> 1. openstack baremetal provision state --provide UUID
> 2. openstack baremetal provision --provide UUID
> 3. openstack baremetal provide UUID
> 4. openstack baremetal set provision state --provide UUID
> 5. openstack baremetal set state --provide UUID
> 6. openstack baremetal action --provide UUID

I know very little about OSC and it's syntax, but what I would do in
this case is to follow the same syntax as the command that changes the
power state of the nodes. Apparently the power state command proposed
[1] follows the syntax:

$ openstack baremetal power --on | --off <UUID>

I would expect provision state to follow the same, perhaps

$ openstack baremetal provision --provide | --active | ... <UUID>

So my vote goes to make both power and provision state syntax
consistent. (Which currently is the option # 2, but none patches are
merged yet)

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/172517/28


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