I inherited the task of producing an upstream spec for querying and
aborting ongoing migrations from a co-worker and submitted a new spec  A related spec for pausing
an instance being migrated to enable the migration to complete is also

However I am now wondering if building these capabilities around the
migration object is the right way to go.  I'm now wondering if this is
right way to approach this or whether it would be better to implement
some additional operations on hte instance object?

I'm become aware that details of the progress of a migration operation
is already available to both cloud admins and instance owners via the
server get details operation, which reports the progress of migration.

Cancelling a migration could be implemented as a reset-task operation
on an instance?

The proposal in relates to
providing the facility to pause an instance that is being migrated
so that the migration can complete (i.e. in the case where the instance
is dirtying memory quicker than the migration processing can copy it).
This could be implemented by simply allowing the existing pause
operation on a migrating instance.  The existing implementation of
live migration means that the instance will automatically resume again
when the migration completes.  We could amend instance pause so that it
issues a warning if a pause operation is performed on an instance that
has a task state of migrating so the user is made aware that the pause
will only be temporary.


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