Hi team,

I would like to start this ML to discuss the git rename issue. Here is the 
problem. In Git, it is handy to retrieve commit history of a file/folder. There 
are several ways to do that. In CLI, you can run "git log ..." to show the 
history. In Github, you can click "History" bottom on top of the file. The 
history of a file is traced back to the commit in which the file was created or 
renamed. In other words, renaming a file will cut the commit history of the 
file. If you want to trace the full history of a renamed file, in CLI, you can 
use "git log -follow ...". However, this feature is not supported in Github.

A way to mitigate the issue is to avoid renaming file/folder if it is not for 
fixing a functional defect (e.g. for improving the naming style). If we do 
that, we sacrifice quality of file/folder names to get a more traceable 
history. On the other hand, if we don't do that, we have to tolerant the 
history disconnection in Github. I want to discuss which solution is preferred? 
Or there is a better way to handle it?

Best regards,
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