hello all,

during the security midcycle meetup we had a session about creating threat analysis for openstack projects. the folks at HPE were kind enough to offer their documentation and examples as an aid to creating these analysis.

after talking with the sahara team, i am confident that we can create an example threat analysis for our installers and operators to use as a reference in their deployments.

my goal in this is not to create a roadmap of current vulnerabilities within sahara, but to produce a working document that can be used as a guide for any users wishing to secure their sahara installations. i think there is value in creating these type of guides for all openstack projects, and i'm hopeful that the sahara team could take the lead in this process.

i'm reaching out in this email to help renew interest in the threat analysis work, and to possibly collate the material that is available and help define some spaces online where we might coordinate these efforts.


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