I think at the same time we add a mechanism to distinguish between
internal and external parameters, we need to add something to indicate
required v. optional.

With a nested stack, anything that's not part of the top-level parameter
contract is defaulted. The problem is that it loses information on what
is a valid default v. what's simply defaulted to pass validation.

I thought the nested validation spec was supposed to handle that though?
  To me, required vs. optional should be as simple as "Does the parameter
definition have a 'default' key?  If yes, then it's optional, if no,
then it's required for the user to pass a value via a parameter or
parameter_default".  I realize we may not have been following that up to
now for various reasons, but it seems like Heat is already providing a
pretty explicit mechanism for marking params as required, so we ought to
use it.

Ya, I was mistaken here. Taking a look at the cinder-netapp.yaml, it looks like we're using this correctly:

    type: string
    default: 'tripleo_netapp'
    type: string
    type: string
    hidden: true

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