Mike Perez wrote:
> [...] 
> I would like to propose cross-project liaisons which would have the following
> duties:
> * Watching the cross-project spec repo [1].
>   - Comment on specs that involve your project. +1 to carry forward for TC
>     approval.
>     -- If you're not able to provide technical guidance on certain specs for
>        your project, it's up to you to get the right people involved.
>     -- Assuming you get someone else involved, it's up to you to make sure 
> they
>        keep up with communication.
>   - Communicate back to your project's meeting on certain cross-project specs
>     when necessary. This is also good for the previous bullet point of 
> sourcing
>     who would have technical knowledge for certain specs.
> * Attend the cross-project meeting when it's called for [2].
> [...]

I like it. That sounds like a great way to ensure cross-project efforts
don't fall into the cracks. The same horizontal group (chapter? guild?)
could also ultimately end up tracking cross-project cycle goals.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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