Is there proper documentation how to add localization for external plugins that 
use AngularJS?
Omer Etrog
Vitrage Team    

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Horizon][Trove] Horizon-Trove External Repository

Hello Trovers and Horizoneers,
The intention of this email is to get everyone on the same page so we are all 
aware of what is going on. As many of you are probably already aware, Horizon 
is moving toward the plugin model for all of its dashboards (including existing 
dashboards). This release cycle, we are aiming to move Sahara and Trove into 
their own repository with joint ownership of the respective project. I have 
spoken to interested parties, Craig, and David about it and we are all in 
agreement. Ideally, this should help speed up the review process for Trove, as 
you now own part of the code and ownership.
Horizon still have some things we need to tidy up on our end to make sure we 
have full support for testing and localization for external plugins. We expect 
this to get resolve within the next few weeks. Work on excising the Trove code 
will begin this week so expect a patch for that soon! It would be ideal if we 
can merge existing Trove code before the excision happens. David has agreed to 
let these patches merge with one core vote if we have enough Trovers 
reviewing/reverifying them. So please help us help you.
David and Craig, if I left anything else out, feel free add to this. Otherwise, 
have a good xmas everyone. Looking to working with you all in the coming weeks.
Thai (tqtran)

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