Greetings Horizon team!  We'd like to find time at the design summit
to cover a few of the things that impact both Horizon and the
Community App Catalog.  I think many of these topics will be of
interest to other teams working on plugins using angular as well.  If
you've already got these on your agenda for conversations in Austin,
please let me know (especially if they're already covered under a
broader topic).

The main points we'd like to spend time discussing in Austin are:
* Need to understand what integration testing framework will look like
for angular
* Sharing widgets via xstatic
* Horizon plugins that depend on extra xstatic packages.
* Can/will Horizon provide some of the widget pop up functions as
angular modules instead of us poking around at the internals? This
simplifies testing and multiversion support.
* Long term direction for Community App Catalog UI dialog integration
(roadmap for native inclusion)

I'll be able to attend the next weekly meeting (5/13) if you want to
discuss anything in detail, or else drop by #openstack-app-catalog on
IRC any other time.  Thanks!


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