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On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Jaume Devesa 
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Hello Akshay,

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On Wed, 25 May 2016 10:48, Akshay Kumar Sanghai wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a 4 node openstack setup (1 controller, 1 network, 2 compute nodes).
> I want to install kuryr in liberty version. I cannot find a package in
> ubuntu repo.

There is not yet official version of Kuryr. You'll need to install using the
current master branch of the repo[1] (by cloning it, install dependencies and
`python install`

 Or you could run it dockerized. Read the "repo info" in [2]
We are working on having the packaging ready, but we are splitting the repos 
so it will take a while for plain distro packages.

> -How do i install kuryr?
If the README.rst file of the repository is not enough for you in terms of
installation and configuration, please let us know what's not clear.

> - what are the components that need to be installed on the respective
> nodes?

You need to run the kuryr libnetwork's service in all the nodes that you use as
docker 'workers'

and your chosen vendor's neutron agents. For example, for MidoNet it's
midolman, for ovs it would be the neutron ovs agent.

> - Do i need to install magnum for docker swarm?

Not familiar with Magnum.. Can not help you here.

If you want to run docker swarm in bare metal, you do not need Magnum. Only
keystone and Neutron.
You'd put docker swarm, neutron and keystone running in one node, and then
have N nodes with docker engine, kuryr/libnetwork and the neutron agents of
the vendor of your choice.
[Hongbin Lu] Yes, Magnum is optional if you prefer to install swarm/k8s/mesos 
manually or by other tools. What Magnum offers is basically an automation of 
deployment plus a few management operations (i.e. scaling the cluster at 
runtime). From my point of view, if you prefer to skip Magnum, the main 
disadvantage is the missing of ability to get a tenant-scoped swarm/k8s/mesos 
cluster on-demand. In such case, you might have a static k8s/swarm/mesos 
cluster that is shared across multiple tenants.

> - Can i use docker swarm, kubernetes, mesos in openstack without using
> kuryr?

You can use swarm and kubernetes in OpenStack with Kuryr using Magnum. It will
use neutron networking for providing nets to the VMs that will run the 
cluster. Inside the VMs, another overlay done by flannel will be used (in k8s, 
swarm I have not tried it).

[Hongbin Lu] Yes, I think Flannel is an alternative of Kuryr. If using Magnum, 
Flannel is supported in k8s and swarm. Magnum supports 3 Flannel backends: udp, 
vxlan, and host-gw. If you want an overlay solution, you can choose udp or 
vxlan. If you want a high-performance solution, the host-gw backend should work 

What will be the disadvantages?

The disadvantages are that you do not get explicit Neutron networking for your 
you get less networking isolation for your VMs/containers and if you want the 
performance, you have to change the default flannel mode.
[Hongbin Lu] That is true. If using Magnum, the default flannel backend is 
“udp”. Users need to turn on the “host-gw” backend to get the highest 
performance. We are discussing if it makes sense to change the default to 
“host-gw”, so that users will get the non-overlay performance by default. In 
addition, Magnum team is working with Kuryr team to bring Kuryr as the second 
network driver. For the comparison between Flannel and Kuryr, I think the main 
disadvantage of Flannel is not about performance (because the flannel host-gw 
backend should provide a similar performance as Kuryr), but is the ability to 
tightly integrate containers with Neutron.

Only docker swarm right now. The kubernetes one will be addressed soon.

> Thanks
> Akshay
Thanks to you for giving it a try!

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There are a bunch of people much more experienced than me in Kuryr. I hope I
haven't said anything stupid.

Best regards,


Jaume Devesa
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