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On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 12:10 AM, Hongbin Lu 
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Hi team,

During the team meetings these weeks, we collaborated the initial project 
roadmap. I summarized it as below. Please review.

* Implement a common container abstraction for different container runtimes. 
The initial implementation will focus on supporting basic container operations 
(i.e. CRUD).
* Focus on non-nested containers use cases (running containers on physical 
hosts), and revisit nested containers use cases (running containers on VMs) 
* Provide two set of APIs to access containers: The Nova APIs and the 
Zun-native APIs. In particular, the Zun-native APIs will expose full container 
capabilities, and Nova APIs will expose capabilities that are shared between 
containers and VMs.
* Leverage Neutron (via Kuryr) for container networking.

Great! Let us know anytime we can help

* Leverage Cinder for container data volume.
Have you considered fuxi?
[Hongbin Lu] We discussed if we should leverage Kuryr/Fuxi for storage, but we 
are unclear what this project offer exactly and how it works. The maturity of 
the project is also a concern, but we will revisit it later.

* Leverage Glance for storing container images. If necessary, contribute to 
Glance for missing features (i.e. support layer of container images).
* Support enforcing multi-tenancy by doing the following:
** Add configurable options for scheduler to enforce neighboring containers 
belonging to the same tenant.

What about have the scheduler pluggable instead of having a lot of 
configuration options?
[Hongbin Lu] For short-term, no. We will implement a very simple scheduler to 
start. For long-term, we will wait for the scheduler-as-a-service project: . I believe Gantt will have a pluggable 
architecture so that your requirement will be satisfied. If not, we will 
revisit it.

** Support hypervisor-based container runtimes.

Is that
[Hongbin Lu] It could be, or Clear Container, or something similar.

The following topics have been discussed, but the team cannot reach consensus 
on including them into the short-term project scope. We skipped them for now 
and might revisit them later.
* Support proxying API calls to COEs.
* Advanced container operations (i.e. keep container alive, load balancer 
setup, rolling upgrade).
* Nested containers use cases (i.e. provision container hosts).
* Container composition (i.e. support docker-compose like DSL).

Will it have ordering primitives, i.e. this container won't start until this 
one is up and running. ?
I also wonder whether the Higgins container abstraction will have rich status 
reporting that can be used in ordering.
For example, whether it can differentiate started containers from those that 
are already listening in their exposed
[Hongbin Lu] I am open to that, but needs to discuss the idea further.

NOTE: I might forgot and mis-understood something. Please feel free to point 
out if anything is wrong or missing.

Best regards,

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