Big +1 for that which makes pre-provisioned cred testing more thoroughly.

And at the end we should divide the existing jobs among dynamic and 
pre-provisioned account so that we would not leave any of them less tested.

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [qa] Tempest pre-provisioned credentials in the gate

Dear all,

TL;DR: I'd like to propose to start running some of the existing dsvm 
check/gate jobs using Tempest pre-provisioned credentials.

Full Text:
Tempest provides tests with two mechanisms to acquire test credentials [0]: 
dynamic credentials and pre-provisioned ones.

The current check and gate jobs only use the dynamic credentials provider.

The pre-provisioned credentials provider has been introduced to support running 
test in parallel without the need of having access to admin credentials in 
tempest configuration file - which is a valid use case especially when testing 
public clouds or in general a deployment that is not own by who runs the test.

As a small extra, since pre-provisioned credentials are re-used to run many 
tests during a CI test run, they give an opportunity to discover issues related 
to cleanup of test resources.

Pre-provisioned credentials is currently used in periodic jobs [1][2] - as well 
as an experimental job defined for tempest changes. This means that even if we 
are careful, there is a good chance for it to be inadvertently broken by a 

Until recently the periodic job suffered a racy failure on object-storage 
tests. A recent refactor [3] of the tool that pre-proprovisioned the accounts 
has fixed the issue: the past 8 runs of the periodic jobs have not encountered 
that race anymore [4][5].

Specifically I'd like to propose changing to start changing of the neutron jobs 

Andrea Frittoli


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