Hi stackers,

I'm happy to announce my candidacy for Rally PTL for the Ocata release

Quick introduction of myself:
 - My contribution to OpenStack started > 2.5 years ago
 - My first commit to Rally was merged ~ 2,5 years ago
 - I became Rally core ~2.3 years ago

My goals for the Ocata cycle:

 - simplify review process of Rally plugins(more democracy!)
 - do regular 3 weeks releases
 - provide up-to-dated release schedule
 - finish validation refactoring to be more flexible
 - port rally verification component to plugin base to support different
 - provide subunit output for Rally Task
 - continue work on Rally as a Service
 - make rally certification even more user-friendly and cover more use-cases
 - update docs to cover all aspects of Rally
 - finish work on new entity - hooks, which allow to execute something on
   specified points of scenario execution
 - port all plugins to support Keystone V3 and make V3 as default version
 - provide a way to deliver rally plugins as python packages
 - split Rally Core and OpenStack related plugins into 2 repos
 - nested atomics
 - trends reports for rally verification

Best regards,
Andrey Kurilin.
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