Hi team,

Glance Newton rc1 is available, if you did not get a chance [1]. This
also means that all further Newton specific fixes need to first merge in
master and then backported to stable/newton branch (only stable maint
team has core rights on that branch [2]). The master branch is open for
Ocata development including new features, doc fixes, string fixes, etc.

So, those who haven't already please make it a point to lift up your
(cores') -2s/-Ws [3] blocks on the reviews you've helped stopped during
the Newton-3, RC1 phase or any Newton phase for that matter. This is the
time we need to start evaluating the potential of those reviews for
Ocata cycle.

Please NOTE: If an important (for those concerned) bug/feature is being
asked to move ahead and if the -2/-W by cores are not lifted up by
*EOD-September-19th*, we may encourage the developers to abandon that
review and propose an alternate one. And for all other reviews with
-2/-W by core(s) & are not abandoned, we will wait until
*EOD-September-30th* after which either they will be either abandoned or
the developer will be asked to propose alternative if -2/-W is not
lifted.  So, if you think that your -2/-W still counts (irrespective of
your earlier comment), please comment elaborately *again* on that review
so that everyone can be aware of your stance and help better resolve the
situation for everyone involved.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/535,members

[3] In some cases, cores have chosen to -W instead of a -2 to block that
patch until a specific release date. This is to help review the patch
and indicate if it's okay to move forward after the release date i.e. a
core may give a +2 to indicate that the patch is technically okay but -W
it, to wait process wise. The block is interpretation based on cores'
opinions so let's not have more opinions/process on how /you/ think the
block should be.



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