I had a chat with an openstack newbie on Thursday who has never posted a 
message on the mailing list.

He's a musician and will be at summit in Barcelona, and I happened to mention 
that there were a bunch of other musicians who bring their gear along, and have 
a good time.

I told him to post to the ML and try and muster up a band, he writes rap and I 
proposed that he write a rap song about OpenStack (as long as he said nice 
things about Trove).

OK, ... long story short, he didn't want his first post to the ML to be about 
music at the summit, but I have no such inhibitions.

So, would y'all musicians who plan to bring your gear to Barcelona please start 
a little thread here on the ML and let's get a band going? 

Please ...


P.S. I'm not a musician. I don't play one on TV. I just hang out ...

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