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I really appreciate your great leadership.


On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 6:26 PM, joehuang <> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is Chaoyi Huang(nick: joehuang), I would like to nominate myself as
> Tricircle PTL in Ocata release.
> Before look forward to what to do in Ocata release, I want to have a short
> look back what's Tricircle has done in Newton release. The objectives and
> our progress in Newton release are:
> * Cross OpenStack L2 networking: "local network" and "shared vlan" supported
> in Tricircle for L2/L3 networking functionalities, this is a great
> fundamental for our Newton release.
> * Dynamic pod binding: the framework is in review.
> * Tempest and basic VM/Volume operation: tempest based check and gate test
> has been integrated into the process, support basic features tempest
> * Keep Tricircle follow OpenStack open source development guideline to make
> Tricircle project as open as any other OpenStack project, so that more and
> more talents would like to join and contribute in Tricircle, and target at
> being a big tent project of OpenStack, being member of OpenStack eco-system
> and help the eco-system to address the problem domain in multi-OpenStack
> cloud, no matter it's in one site or multi-site: now Tricircle is applying
> big-tent application, and the splitting is ongoing, and glad to see more and
> more contributors join Tricricle community.
> This is great progress for Tricricle based on every contributor's great
> effort.
> As the Tricircle will be splitted and dedicate for cross Neutron networking
> automation, my vision for Tricircle Ocata will based on our basis in Newton
> release and what we discussed in these weeks:
> * Ensure the Tricircle splitting smoothly with quality.
> * Continue cross OpenStack L2/L3 networking, and work with upstream projects
> like Neutron, L2GW
> * Being better citizen in OpenStack, continue the big-tent application, and
> collaboration with other projects
> * enhance the installation method and make it easier to play Tricircle, so
> that more contributors would like to join Tricircle.
> * Start advance networking service support in Ocata for Tricircle if
> possible
> Since the Tricircle project tries to address very fundamental cross Neutron
> networking automation chanllenges, it's exciting to work and contribute in
> such a project, let's enjoy the journey.
> Best Regards
> Chaoyi Huang(joehuang)
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