Change is what you will see as I am not running for PTL for Ocata.



On 9/14/16, 4:32 PM, "Hui Kang" <> wrote:

    +1 for Jeffrey Zhang
        - Jeffrey is full time on Kolla
        - Steven is doing excellent job, but I would like to see some change.
    - Hui
    On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 3:18 AM, Jeffrey Zhang <> 
    > Hi Everyone,
    > I'm excited to announce my candidacy for PTL for Kolla team during the 
    > cycle.
    > Kolla is a fantastic project. It brings fresh new blood to OpenStack 
    > Management. Simplifying the lives of Operators when managing OpenStack is
    > essential to OpenStack’s success and I personally believe Kolla as of 
    > 1.1.0 delivers on that promise. I also deployed several Kolla production
    > environment for customers without any problem. I've been a core 
contributor to
    > Kolla since Mitaka. I am full time on Kolla project and have been heavily
    > involved with all of my waking hours[0][1].
    > Over the Newton development cycle, we have implemented numerous new 
    > and improved stability and usability. The top features are:
    > * Introduced the Bifrost and kolla-host to manage the bare metal 
provision and
    >   initialize the node before deploying OpenStack.
    > * The introduction of far more services including Aodh, Bifrost, 
    >   Cloudkitty, Multipath, Rally, Sahara, Tempest, Watcher.
    > * Implemented Dockerfile customization.
    > * Launched the kolla-kubernetes project.
    > * More robust CI jobs
    > As a team, the Kolla Community tested 123 nodes for Kolla using osic[2]. 
    > results validate Kolla works and scales to a majority of use cases today. 
    > major code paths that enable this scalability have been in place since 
    > which gives a good indicator of Liberty and Mitaka scalability. As a Kolla
    > core reviewer and PTL self-nominee, I find this result to be highly 
    > One of Kolla’s many goals has been executed: Deploying OpenStack at 100+ 
    > count fast and easily.
    > The kolla community is diversely affiliated, a fantastic crew of 
    > and excellent leadership within the core reviewer team.
    > For Ocata, I'd like the project focused on these objectives:
    > * Focus on the needs of the Kolla team.
    > * Optimize the speed of reconfiguration and upgrade.
    > * Implement and integrate with more driver plugins for neutron and cinder.
    > * Deliver 1.0.0 of kolla-kubernetes.
    > * Implement different CI jobs to test diverse scenarios.I’d like to start 
    >   with some really hard CI problems such as testing real upgrades and
    >   validating ceph in the CI jobs per commit.
    > * Support the implementation of a monitoring stack.
    > Finally, I know it is important that PTL time is spent on the 
    > problem-solving such as mentoring potential core reviewers, scheduling the
    > project progress, interacting with other OpenStack projects and many other
    > activities a PTL undertakes.  I’d like to work this cycle on scaling those
    > activities across the core reviewer team.  I will use my personal 
strengths and
    > rely on the core reviewer team’s personal strengths to make Kolla Ocata 
    > best release yet.
    > Thank you for the considering me to serve as your Kolla PTL.
    > Regards,
    > Jeffrey Zhang
    > [0]
    > [1]
    > [2]
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