Being reminded by the band thread, I thought I should remind about this

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 6:56 PM Neil Jerram <> wrote:

> I know it's crazy, but I've talked with a few people in Vancouver, Tokyo
> and Austin about the idea of getting a singing group together during a
> summit, and they've all encouraged me to go for it - so I'll start to look
> silly if I don't even try this... :-)
> So this is a call for anyone who wants to do some singing in Barcelona. I
> don't yet know who, what, or how we'll perform, but I've created an
> etherpad:
> Please do contribute there if interested! As with everything in OpenStack,
> it's important for this to be inclusive, so please don't exclude yourself
> by assuming anything about style of music or required abilities - feel free
> to add whatever your ideas and interests might be.
>      Neil
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