is there a canonical way to either

* list roles in a given domain
* or retrieve a role from a given domain by name (preferred)

keystoneclient.v3.roles.RoleManager.list() does not appear to do the trick. 
While it takes a
`domain` argument, it only returns roles with a domain_id=None attribute but 
none of the roles
in the domain I specified. Also, it appears to be deprecated if this comment[0] 
python-openstackclient is anything to go by.

As for why I want to do this: I attempt to create the role in question and 
catch the Conflict exception
that happens if a role with that name exists already. To use that existing role 
I need its UUID though
(or a role object as keystoneclient.v3.roles.RoleManager.create() would have 
returned if it were successful).
The name does not help since I cannot use that for 
keystoneclient.v3.roles.RoleManager.grant(). Come to
think of it, a way to grant roles on a domain by name would also solve the 




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