On 09/20/2016 07:07 AM, Matthew Booth wrote:
> * +A is reserved for cores.
> * A subsystem maintainer's domain need not be defined by the directory
> tree: subteams are a good initial model.
> * A maintainer should only +2 code in their own domain in good faith,
> enforced socially, not technically.
> * Subsystem maintainer is expected to request specific additional +2s
> for patches touching hot areas, eg rpc, db, api.
>   * Hot areas are also good candidate domains for subsystem maintainers.
>   * Hot area review need not cover the whole patch if it's not required:
> I am +2 on the DB change in this patch.
> This model means that code with +2 from a maintainer only requires a
> single +2 from a core.
> We could implement this incrementally by defining a couple of pilot
> subsystem maintainer domains.

Before jumping to solutions, it's probably worth letting the
retrospective process continue and identify the thing folks think
solving would be the best benefit for the project for the next cycle.

I feel like in the past we often jumped to solutions before the problem
space was fully left out, which led to long email threads and little
action, as we hadn't come together on the problem we were trying to solve.


Sean Dague

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