Hi everyone,

As promised here is a link to the code PoC for the Kuryr-IPVlan proposal.

Link to specific commit

>From here you can clone the repo and install Kuryr as you normally would with 
>a few additional steps:

1. The IPVlan driver must be installed on the VM/Machine that the PoC will be 
run on. Fedora-Server(not the cloud image) includes the driver by default but 
the likes of the cloud image must be modified to include the driver.
2. You must install Docker experimental.
3. You must use the Kuryr IPAM driver for address management.
4. In order to enable the IPVlan mode you must change the ipvlan option in the 
kuryr.conf file from false to true.
5. You must also change the ifname option to match the interface of the private 
network you wish to run the containers on. (Default is ens3)
6. As listed in the limitations on the README.rst on kuryr "To create Docker 
networks with subnets having same/overlapping cidr, it is expected to pass 
unique pool name for each such network creation Docker command." You will need 
to do this if you are creating a docker network with the same private network 
on another VM.

The IPVlan proposal was sent out to the mailing list - link for those who 
missed it.

Please send any feedback, issues, comments, bugs.


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