On 09/19/2016 10:49 PM, Emilien Macchi wrote:
(adding puppet tag for cross project session).

Let's continue to prepare TripleO sessions.


For reminder, we have 2 fishbowls and 4 working rooms.
I looked at the topic proposals and I started to organize some sessions.

Some actions from you are required:
- review the session proposal
- if you want to drive a session, please put your name in "Chair".
- for each session we need to choose if we want it to be a work room
or a fishbowl session.
- 4 topics are still there, please propose a session (concatenate them
if possible)
- if you missed this etherpad until now, feel free to propose a
session with your topic (ex: TripleO UI - roadmap, etc).

At least but not least, I would propose a cross project session with
Puppet OpenStack group (using a slot from their schedule) so we might
have a 7th session.

the cross project session with the puppet group is a nice idea indeed, thanks Emilien

in that context it would be nice to gather some ideas/feedback on the status of openstack integration scenarios vs tripleo scenarios and see if we can optimize resources and/or coverage
Giulio Fidente
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