Ilya Shakhat wrote:
> Hi,
> tldr; Commits stats are significantly skewed by deb-* projects
> (
> By default Stackalytics processes commits from project's master branch.
> For some "old core" projects there is configuration to process stable
> branches as well. If some commit is cherry-picked from master to stable
> it is counted twice in both branches / releases. The configuration for
> stable branch is simple - branch starting with branching point (e.g.
> stable/newton that starts with rc1)
> In deb-* projects master branch corresponds to upstream Debian
> community. All OpenStack-related contribution goes into debian/<release>
> branch. But unlike in the rest of OpenStack, git workflow differs and
> the branch contains merge commits from master. This makes filtering
> "pure" branch commits from those that came from master quite tricky (not
> possible to specify the branch-point). And support of this will require
> changes in Stackalytics code.
> Since currently we are at the time when people may get nervous about
> numbers, I'd suggest to temporary hide all commits from deb-* projects
> and revise stats processing in a month.

Sounds good. Are you working on it ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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