I have been looking at some of the stackviz output as I'm trying to improve
the run time of my thrid-party CI. As an example:


What jumps out is the amount of time that each worker is not running any
tests. I would have expected quite a bit more concurrecy between the two
workers in the chart, e.g. more overlap. I've noticed a simliar thing with
my test runs using 4 workers.

Can anyone explain why this is and where can I find out more information
about the scheduler and what information it is using to decide when to
dispatch tests? I'm already feeding my system a prior subunit stream to
help influence the scheduler as my test run times are different due to the
way our openstack implementation is architected. A simple round-robin
approach is not the most efficeint in my case.

(maybe openstack-infra is a better place to ask?)


Bob Hansen
z/VM OpenStack Enablement
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