OpenStack summit planning team,

We have been planning summit for approximately 2-3 months here:

We further codified this into a vote via civs:

As you can see from the preliminary voting results, a strong majority of topics 
are of high interest to Kolla’s community of operators and developers.  We have 
no shortage of things to design and plan.  We made a request to the foundation 
for the space we thought was appropriate.  I knew Barcelona was going to be 
constrained on space when I made the room allocation request, but I wasn’t 
aware of how constrained space really was.  As a result of seeing the summit 
room allocations here:

I feel it is the right thing to do to return at least 1 workroom session to the 
summit organizers for use using their good judgement.  I would have liked to 
return 2 work room sessions given the space constraints in Barcelona and the 
rapidly growing nature of big tent project additions.  I feel that returning 
more than 1 would hamper our planning ability and the core team is in agreement.

The session we would like to return to the foundation is the Kolla Workroom 
Session Wednesday 3:05-3:45 session.  We have no conflicts in this time slot 
and aren’t returning it as a result of some conflict in the core team’s 
schedule that I am aware of.  I also believe the time slot and day are really 
fantastic (Wednesday – when people are fresh – 3pm after lunch settles) (from 
my 4+ years of planning summits for various projects).  My hope it is put to 
good use, perhaps to give an emerging technology project some planning time at 

I leave the decision of how the improved room availability may be used at the 
discretion of the summit organizers.  All that said, if the summit organizers 
are satisfied with the current room allocation, we will put that slot to good 
use if it can’t be used by others in the OpenStack community.

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