Sergey is working on a spec to use the standardized virt driver instance diagnostics in the os-diagnostics API. A question came up during review of the spec about how to define a disk 'id':

The existing diagnostics code doesn't set a disk id in the list of disk dicts, but I think with at least libvirt we can set that to the target device from the disk device xml.

The xenapi code for getting this info is a bit confusing for me at least, but it looks like it's possible to get the disks, but the id might need to be parsed out (as a side note, it looks like the cpu/memory/disk diagnostics are not even populated in the get_instance_diagnostics method for xen).

vmware is in the same boat as xen, it's not fully implemented:

Hyper-v and Ironic virt drivers haven't implemented get_instance_diagnostics yet.



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