On 29/09/16 04:35 PM, John Dickinson wrote:
> I am concerned that there is a current focus on preserving the status
> quo. There's focus on policies and rules instead of use cases; there's
> focus on conformity instead of innovation; there's focus on forced
> prioritization instead of inclusivity.

i fully agree with this pov. there's a sentiment among certain members 
that if you choose a path different from the norm, you are not 
"following the OpenStack way".

my question is (i guess this in theory could be ask to everyone), the 
the TC has historically been a reactive council that lets others ask for 
change and acts as the final approver (arguably, just my opinion). do 
you believe the TC should be a proactive committee that drives change? 
and if yes, to what scope? i realise the follow up is very open-end and 
vague and i apologise for this.

> If I am elected to the TC, I will look at every decision in the light
> of these two needs. I will not focus on codifying rules, and I will
> not focus on keeping OpenStack small and homogeneous. I will do what I
> can to help the OpenStack community increase adoption today and remain
> relevant as the industry changes.

yay to less codifying rules!


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