On 10/3/2016 10:03 PM, Emilien Macchi wrote:

I'm actually proposing to run TripleO multinode job in Nova experimental jobs:
It's non-voting and run at demand, so we're not breaking anything.

tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode is a CI job that takes ~40-60
minutes (we're working on reducing its runtime) and deploy TripleO in
multinode environment.
I think it would be a good start to see if non-devstack jobs would
bring useful feedback.

I'll repeat here what I asked in the review above: on what kinds of changes should nova developers and reviewers think to run the experimental queue job for tripleo? Since the experimental queue is on-demand we generally only run it for specific changes that aren't tested by our normal check/gate jobs. Like we have an lxc job in the experimental queue and that's fairly straight-forward on when to run it, similar with neutron + dvr + multinode.

But what would prompt me to run the tripleo job on a nova change? Things that impact upgrades? Configuration option changes, like dropping deprecated configuration options or changing their default behavior?



Matt Riedemann

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