On Tue, Oct 11 2016, Joshua Harlow wrote:

> Has there been any ideas from folks to split those 'event_definitions.yaml'
> into something else (a notifications schema repo?)? I'd be up for helping do
> that (nice to have would be an included ability/code-gen(?) to turn those
> schemas into code for various languages [starting with the typical ones,
> python, go(?), java, <add your own>...]).
> Then we could also hold the emitting projects accountable for there events
> being emitted (and the formats and versions they emit), because overall I'd
> like to get away from 'the payload format OpenStack services emit could be
> described as the Wild West' (found on that events.html site, lol).

I've proposed exactly that in 2013 in Hong-Kong and it was well received
by Oslo folks. I even started something┬╣ at some point, but it got so
low traction by projects and the friction was so high that I gave up. :)

┬╣  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/66566/

Julien Danjou
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