Ed Leafe wrote:
> Why do we need a week to nominate? Open it up a month before the election, 
> and close it a week before. Or open it for two days, and close it a week 
> before. I don’t understand why, other than procrastination, we need such a 
> long period. If you’re serious about serving, throw you hat into the ring.

At every PTL election there are people missing the call, and the noise
on the mailing-list for a full week helps them get the message. I agree
it's slightly less of a problem with the TC election -- although I bet
that some people decide to run after seeing the current mix of proposed
candidates (the "heck, if they can do it, I probably can too" reflex).
Since we use Condorcet, the more candidates the better...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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