Hi Cathy,

Thanks for your reply. I have the setup done without any errors with only one 
vm in the chain. I want to move all the icmp traffic from vm1 to vm3 via vm2. 
My Flow classifier looks like:
"neutron flow-classifier-create --ethertype IPv4 --source-ip-prefix --destination-ip-prefix --protocol icmp FC1"
But using tcpdump on vm2 ingress port, I could not see any traffic. Please let 
me know how can I debug this and what could be the possible issue.

Best Regards,
Navdeep Uniyal

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Hi Navdeep,

Please see inline.


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Hi all,

I have been trying out networking-sfc to create service function chain in 
Openstack. I could create all the port pairs, port-pair-groups, flow classifier 
and the chain but I could not see the packets on the desired hops.
I am trying to create a simple sfc with 3 VMs(vm1 to vm3) in the setup. I just 
want to check how it works. In my setup, vm1 is the Traffic generator(iperf) 
and vm3 is the traffic receiver(iperf server). Now, the  2 vms (vm2 and 3) are 
in the same network with vm1 and I want to move the iperf traffic from 
vm1->vm2->vm3. In order to achieve this, I have created 2 port pairs of vm2  
and vm3 and both pairs are in separate port pair groups (PG1 and PG2), also 
created a Flow classifier FC1 and finally chain with PG1, PG2 and FC1.  Now my 
question is, is my setup correct in order to achieve the sfc result as I stated 
above? Do I need to include the vm1 in the port pair group?

Cathy> You only need to include VM2 in a port pair group. Traffic source and 
traffic destination do not need to be included in the chain's port pair group, 
instead their IP addresses should be included in the flow classifier so that 
the system knows which flow needs to go through the chain. Here is a link to 
thw wiki.


Below is the flow classifier:

| Field                                                  | Value                
| description                                      |                            
| destination_ip_prefix               |                                      |
| destination_port_range_max |                                      |
| destination_port_range_min |                                      |
| ethertype                                        | IPv4                       
| id                                                         | 
e5000ade-50ad-41ed-a159-b89c4blp97ec |
| l7_parameters                                  | {}                           
| logical_destination_port           |                                      |
| logical_source_port                   | 63cdf664-dd67-455c-8345-f01ef58c23e5 |
| name                                                | FC1                     
| project_id                                       | 
6b90cd3356144681b44274d4881c5fc7     |
| protocol                                          | tcp                       
| source_ip_prefix                          |                      
| source_port_range_max      |                                      |
| source_port_range_min      |                                      |
| tenant_id                                         | 
6b90cd3310104681b44274d4881c5fc7     |

Is there any wiki with some example case explained with testing scenario?

Best Regards,
Navdeep Uniyal
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