Just getting this out there to either get educated or to start a

While going through some of the DocImpact generated bugs for
python-cinderclient I noticed a few that added new parameters to
existing CLI commands. As Cinder has now moved to using microversions
for all API changes, these new parameters are only available at a
certain microversion level.

A specific case is here:


We have two parameters that are marked "start_version='3.1'" that do not
show up in the generated CLI reference.

This appears to be due to (or related to) the fact that the command line
help does not output anything for these. Now before I dig into why that
is, I know there are others that are already much more knowledgable
about this area than I am. So my question is, is this by design? Or is
something missing here that is needed to recognize these params with the
start_version value so they get printed?

My expectation as an end user would be that the help information would
be printed, with something like "(Requires API 3.1 or later)" appended
to the help text.

Anyone have any insight on this?


Sean (smcginnis)

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