Hi dwj,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Aodh notifier plugin inside Vitrage is defined as a POC, and is disabled by 
default. We are aware that this integration is not working well, and its 
purpose was to demonstrate how it could work and start a discussion about other 
possible implementations. I know that in Austin there were discussions between 
Aodh and Vitrage teams, and a general agreement that Vitrage would suggest a 
design for Aodh custom alarm. Such an alarm could then be used by Vitrage 
instead of the event-alarm in a more natural way.

Unfortunately, due to time limitations, we did not get to write the custom 
alarm blueprint in Aodh. It is still defined as a high priority in Vitrage 
roadmap, and I hope it will happen in Ocata. If you have some free time you are 
more than welcome to give a hand :-)

Best Regards,

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Date: Thursday, 13 October 2016 at 04:20

Hi vitrages,

In aodh notifier plugin, we receive a ACTIVATE_DEDUCED_ALARM_EVENT and then 
create a aodh event alarm.
The event alarm with a `event_rule`, it should be include `event_type` and 
`query` which Aodh used to evaluator
a alarm when it receives a specify event to filter with the query to fire a 
alarm. see [1]

But we create a event alarm only with `query` in `event_rule`.
The deduced alarm create with the `alarm` state so Aodh will skip to evaluator 
the fired alarm.
The `event_rule` seems no necessary in the request body, am I right?
Let me know if i miss something. :)



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