We are gleeful to announce the release of:

keystoneauth1 2.14.0: Authentication Library for OpenStack Identity

This release is part of the ocata release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


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For more details, please see below.


Allow adding client and application name and version to the session
and adapter that will generate a userful user agent string.

New Features

* You can specify a "app_name" and "app_version" when creating a
  session. This information will be encoded into the user agent.

* You can specify a "client_name" and "client_version" when creating
  an adapter. This will be handled by client libraries and incluced
  into the user agent.

* Libraries like shade that modify the way requests are made can add
  themselves to additional_user_agent and have their version reflected
  in the user agent string.

Deprecation Notes

* We suggest you fill the name and version for the application and
  client instead of specifying a custom "user_agent". This will then
  generate a standard user agent string.

Changes in keystoneauth1 2.13.0..2.14.0

7d26de1 be more explicit about connection errors
729e4cd Fix a typo in opts.py
e1bf1f0 Fix a typo in base.py
eb5571a Allow specifying client and service info to user_agent
6c93b0b Enable release notes translation
01b7c87 Implement caching for the generic plugins.

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

keystoneauth1/adapter.py                           |  14 ++-
keystoneauth1/identity/base.py                     |   2 +-
keystoneauth1/identity/generic/base.py             |  40 +++++++-
keystoneauth1/identity/generic/password.py         |  26 +++++
keystoneauth1/identity/generic/token.py            |   5 +
keystoneauth1/loading/opts.py                      |   2 +-
keystoneauth1/session.py                           |  77 +++++++++++----
.../user-agent-generation-b069100508c06177.yaml    |  17 ++++
releasenotes/source/conf.py                        |   3 +
12 files changed, 330 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

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